Aao Hum Jeena Sikhe-1

No of Pages: 69
Size: 24MB

Everyone lives a life but few know the art of living a life. In this book, Acharya Mahashraman presents the secrets of living a splendid lifestyl by explaining the minute details of daily activities of life. This book answers the question ‘How to Live’ in a precised manner.


Acharya Shree

No of Pages: 63
Size: 21MB

Coming Soon!


Kya kehta Hai Vangmay

No of Pages: 121
Size: 45MB

The secrets of success and planned management available in the Jain Shastras have been compiled and listed in this book. This book is a collection of Acharya Mahashraman’s soul touching speeches.


Sampann Bano

No of Pages: 161
Size: 58MB

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Anuvrat ke 11 Niyam

No of Pages: 62
Size: 22MB

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Dukh Mukti ka Marg

No of Pages: 121
Size: 42MB

Acharya Mahashraman reveals the mystery of meditation in this book. In order to have happiness and peace this book proves to be a perfect and apt guide.


Mere Geet

No of Pages: 82
Size: 15MB

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Sanwad bhagwan Se

No of Pages: 162
Size: 43MB

Based on the popular Jainaagam Uttaradhyan’s 29th version, this book explains the thrilling talk between Bhagwan Mahavira and his one of the best student-Gautam which gives answers to the unanswered mysterical doubts/questions that arise in the mind. It is available in 2 parts.