Acharya Shri Mahashraman has made strenuous efforts towards the development of a society free from social evils. Self-development and welfare of society are two inseparable principles of his life. His contemplative consciousness is always active, resolving the problems of society, country and the world. 

He opposes social evils, superstitions and orthodox religious beliefs with great vigor. He says with conviction that “The society which is orthodox and entangled in false beliefs, and the leaders of that society don't think about its values, progress and control, the society doesn't remain a society but becomes equivalent to a cattle herd devoid of intellect and dignity. The faith or religion which doesn't improve a person's life is not faith at all but betrayal. Religious values should reflect in human behavior.”

He works endlessly trying to resolve the widespread problems which are faced by the society such as untouchability, casteism, betrayal, religious discrimination, addiction, dowry, female infanticide, feticide and other types of social evils. During his bare-footed journeys, he has made thousands of devotees to be imbibed by four pledges as follows:

  1. I shall believe in human solidarity.
  2. I shall not fight on the issues of caste, community and religion, shall not fight at home and shall live in peace.
  3. I shall practice to be honest in all my dealings.
  4. I shall practice to be addiction free.

His Holiness believes that by establishing nonviolence, compassion, peace and morality, our duty-centric society can be healthy. After getting inspired by his words and works, thousands of people pledged their promise of living an addiction-free life and taking a step forward towards living a healthy lifestyle. People threw away packets of cigarettes, tobacco and gutka and made their promises to pave the way for creating nonviolent dynamic society.

| You have inspired more than 10 million people to lead an addiction free life.

| You oppose social evils, superstitions and orthodox religious practices vehemently.