The rich heritage of India has given birth to many Saint Writers. They have made a huge contribution towards character building in our nation. Through their futuristic thinking they have guided humanity to greater heights. Acharya Shri Mahashraman is one among these great thinkers.

His Holiness is a true multi-tasker, involved in a variety of activities, and the most important of which is writing. Through his prolific writings, he has contributed immense to the world of publication. Editing of Jain Aagams and Scriptures are being skillfully handled by Acharya Shri Mahashraman. His persistent hard work has resulted in the Dictionary of Jain technical words and its meanings, which is significant contribution to the world of scholars. Acharya Shri Mahashraman is playing a pivotal role in preserving the Rajasthani literary works by publishing holy books written by Acharya Shri Bhikshu, the first Acharya and founder of the Terapanth Dharma Sangh in Rajasthani. His books consist of a synergetic compilation of ancient and innovative ideas are a beautiful guide for readers. With simple language and deep meanings, the message of His Holiness is a ready reference for solving the problems of readers.

In his everyday's demanding routine, His Holiness takes out the time engaging himself in literary work. He is a great scholar of Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Prakrit and Rajasthani languages. He has composed hundreds of shlokas/verses in the Sanskrit language. His book 'Shemushi' has been included in the syllabus of the University. Hindi and Rajasthani poems also form part of his literary work.

You are a proficient scholar of languages such as Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Prakrit and Rajasthani. Editing of Jain agams, a work of huge magnitude, is in progress under your noble mentorship.